Creative Mentors can assist your company with advanced motion capture for game development, animation, previsualization or any other motion capture need.


Let us visualize your movie before you film. Our 3D pre-viz technology provides you with different staging scenarios, character placements and art direction options such as lighting and camera placement so you can see what a finished scene will look like before you spend the money on production. This saves time and production costs when you’re planning complex sequences. It also enables you to try out multiple angles, character interactions and effects to find the exact sequence that will bring your vision to life.

The Creative Mentors team has extensive film making experience. We meet with directors and producers to discuss story/storyboard ideas and develop a plan for sequences. We help develop a rough shot list with characters, environments, props and effects tailored to the specific needs of the production team.

Using motion capture technology, we create entire sequences without incurring the costs of actual production. Changes can be made and new ideas can be integrated on the fly, allowing for more creative freedom without the cost of actual production.


Our team creates 3D cinematics for video games across all platforms. We set up interactive moments and stage dramatic sequences for in-engine playback. We work directly with motion capture data to create the game feel that meets your creative vision.

Some of our specialities include:

  • Production of trailers and assets for video games.
  • Stylized character performance to provide a passionate approach to game storytelling.
  • Production of pre-rendered or in-game rendered animation.
  • Capturing, handling and enhancing of motion capture footage.
  • We work with your game design team to create an environment and characters that meet your specifications and requirements.



Organic Motion LIVE (Live Interactive Virtual Environment) offers immersive role-play training capabilities at a fraction of the cost. The system allows live actors to drive realistic digitally animated characters remotely. It works by using advanced motion capture technology to transform the actor’s performance into a live projected character animation within a training environment. Coupled with a two-way audio and video link back to the actor, this offers rich and convincing trainee-character interaction, providing the best aspects of both live actors and virtual characters. Click here to learn more about Organic Motion's LIVE.

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