Interior Design

2D Plan to Digital Drafting:
  • Drafting/Designing the plans as per the Arch. Plans using drafting tools.
  • Maintaining the accuracy as per the dimensions.
  • Placing proper annotations to give clear details about the drawing
  • Making the design ready for the 3D conversion.
3D Design & Presentations:
  • Modeling the exterior and interior part of the designs as per the requirement.
  • Modeling the props and placing them into the required locations.
  • Landscape and set modeling
  • Applying the textures or colors as per the requirement.
  • Lighting and rendering the sets.
Editing and compositing the rendered out put
  • Non-linear editing fundamental
  • Explaining frame rate systems
  • Practicing frame-time sense
  • Basic editing techniques using 3D output of your project.
  • Output formats for various applications

Duration: 6 Months

Qualification:All the Interested candidates who want to rock the entertaining industry.

Diploma/Degree related to the architectural/Civil engineering industry

Academic qualification is a bonus if he/she has.

Career opportunities: Architectural or construction related companies, Interior designing Studios..Etc..,

Project: Students will complete a short/demo reel based on their skills.

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