Diploma in Game Development

Duration : 14 months
Preproduction – 2D game Art:
  1. Basic drawing and drawing forms
  2. Anatomy
    • Human anatomy and poses
    • Animal anatomy
    • Bird anatomy
    • Tree anatomy (for layout designing)
  3. 2D drawing
    • Perspective drawing
    • Drawing basics (still students doing this)
    • Pose drawing
    • Live sketching
    • Two minutes live sketching
  4. Character development
    • Cute cartoons
    • Cartoons
    • Semi cartoons /realistic
    • Realistic characters
  5. 2D animation
    • Animation principles
    • Key animation
    • Student has to go out (like public places & Zoo Park) for better knowledge
3D Design & Presentations:
  • Introducing the tools and work required to produce a 3D game.
  • Introducing you to the role of programming we take a look at object oriented design techniques.
  • Story telling techniques
  • Game asset preparation-Object modeling
  • Set & Character modeling
  • Texturing environments & characters
  • 3D Lay-outing techniques
  • Introduction to character animation
  • Interactive frame work & Linking
  • Game logics and simulation
  • Interactive framework

Qualification: Intermediate (or) equivalent to 10+2

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