Diploma in 3D Animation

Duration : 8 months
  1. Dope sheet/exposure sheet
  2. Basics of Animation
    • Bouncing Ball, falling balloon, ball rolling on wooden ramp/coming to halt.
  3. Intro to Body Motion, Posing
    • Biped walk, run, jump and hop
    • Character walk, run, posing characters
    • Weighted object lifting, pushing and pulling
  4. Creating Personality/Acting for Animators
    • Bringing characters to life with personality and creating believable motion
    • The importance of timing, squash and stretch, secondary and overlap motion, moving holds, Exaggeration and anticipation are added to the animation.
    • Animating techniques for animals such as dogs, spiders, etc.
  5. Facial Animation and Lip-sync
    • A series of tools, with an emphasis on morph targets and facial rig control systems, are used to allow the character to talk and show emotion.
  6. Animation Portfolio
    • Using the projects and exercises from the course, students learn how to put together a professional package of their best work, consisting of a demo reel, résumé.
3D Animation Process:
  • Fundamentals of Animation.
  • Animation Principles.
  • Basic Modeling techniques.
  • Rigging and Animation.
  • Paint Effects and Dynamics.
  • Texturing.
  • Post Production.
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